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Membership Information



Membership Categories & Associated Fees


1. Indvidual Voting Membership - Includes any person that is interested in the advancement of the Assocation. Members in this category are eligible to vote on all Association ballots, serve on the Board of Directors, and serve on Standing Committees. Individual voting membership dues are $35 per year (Conference Registration is seperate).


2. Student Membership -  Includes individuals enrolled in a university/college curriculum that could lead to a career in the area of vegetation management. Student members are not eligible to vote, hold positions on the board of directors or serve on committees of the Association. Student members may serve in an advisory capacity to boards and committees of the Assocation. Student membership dues are $5 per year.


3. Exhibitor Membership - Includes any exhibitor or other organization that is interested in the advancement of the Assocation. This membership entitles the exhibitor or other organization to one voting membership, one annual conference registration, and one exhibitor booth at the annual conference. Exhibitor membership dues are $350 per year.

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