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The South Carolina Vegetation Management Association (SCVMA) has been established to facilitate the networking, education and professional development of persons interested in integrated vegetation management in the State of South Carolina. This interest can be driven by employment, research, education, regulation, contracting, manufacturing, or merchandising.


The purposes of SCVMA are:


  • To encourage the proper use of vegetation management techniques, and to aid in the progression of mutual understanding and respond

  • To persons interested and/or engaged in vegetation management in the State of South Carolina

  • To exchange ideas, opinions, experiences and information concerning vegetation management and related disciplines

  • To foster more and better coordinated efforts among those interested and engaged in vegetation management in the State of South Carolina

  • To promote ecological soundness through the correct and proper utilization of vegetation management in the State of South Carolina

  • To serve as a source of public education regarding environmentally sound vegetation management


It is the mission of SCVMA to act as a vehicle for furthering the knowledge of individuals who have expressed interest and have experience in the management of vegetation. The SCVMA subscribes to the core belief that each vegetation manager is also an environmental caretaker and shall take all valid environmental concerns into consideration when making vegetation management decisions. 


The intent of this fellowship of professional vegetation managers is to collect, discuss, and disseminate accurate and state of the art information regarding vegetation management practices. The objective will be to provide these professionals the tools necessary to make educated and environmentally sound information for public education.


The SCVMA will be a strong advocate of integrated vegetation management practices. Many of the pleasures and benefits that our society enjoys require that certain degrees of vegetation management be met. The SCVMA will foster mutual understanding and respect among those interested and engaged in vegetation management within the State of South Carolina. 

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